‎Blouse cutting and stitching classes videos

Puff sleeve cutting and stitching classes {How to stitch puff sleeve}

Puff sleeve using on blouse and chudidar it is one of the traditional model looking very stylish. Different between normal sleeve and puff sleeve is pleating. pleated sleeve is the puff sleeve, when you go to cut this sleeve need more cloth for pleating the sleeve stitching also different for Puff sleeve top of the …

Cross cut blouse cutting stitching classes

Cross cut blouse cutting stitching classes in this blouse normally cut the back side potion but blouse front side cloth need to cross cutting learn in this class how to cut Cross cutting blouse. Cross cutting blouse benefit: when you wear the blouse it is fit of you body perfectly.   Cross cut blouse cutting …

How to stitch piping for blouse neck

Blouse neck piping is normally using in all blouse take piping cloth contrast color of blouse cut it crossly width 1 inch then fold and stitch on the blouse neck and learn know more teq in this Blouse neck piping class in this video very easy and very use full for blouse stitching it is …

Blouse stitching class step by step easy method

First, you learn blouse cutting class then you watch this blouse stitching class easily understand follow the steps teach here important this stitching class for woman’s tailors first complete this class then you will create more designs this is a step by step easy method blouse stitching class for everyone.

Blouse cutting and stitching step by step class

Learn how to cutting and stitching the blouse easily step by step class in this video tack old blouse measurement and mark on new cloth and cut by back neck part front neck part and sleeves bottom pate. Cutting is important for all designs and stitching